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Tender announcement on 2 sets of multi joint manipulator
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Sinochem Hanguang Technology Co., Ltd

Tender announcement

1. Project overview and bidding content

1.1. Equipment name: two GP12 (yrc1000) multi joint manipulators.

1.2. Equipment installation location: 2 / F, 2 / F, factory building, Hanguang Technology Co., Ltd.

1.3. Construction period requirements: within 30 days (including holidays).

2. Bidding method

2.1. Open bidding shall be adopted in the factory of Sinochem Hanguang Technology Co., Ltd.

2.2 the bidder is required to pay a bid security of RMB 3000 before bidding. It will be automatically converted into a part of the performance bond after winning the bid. The bid security of unsuccessful bidder will be returned to the bidder about one week after the bid opening. The bid security will not be returned by malicious bidders.

2.3. Payment method of bid security: telegraphic transfer

Company name: Sinochem Hanguang Technology Co., Ltd

Bank of deposit: Handan branch of Bank of Communications Co., Ltd

Account No.: 13408066018010030245

Bank No.: 301127000019

Amount of bid security: RMB 3000 (RMB 3000 yuan only)

3. Qualification of the bidder

3.1. The enterprise legal person registered and approved by the industrial and commercial administration department and the general taxpayer registered and approved by the tax registration department have good bank credit, conform to the business scope of the bidding project, and can independently bear civil liabilities.

3.2. The bidder has good financial condition after being audited by certified public accounting firm in recent two years.

3.3. The manufacturer has a perfect product quality assurance system (effective ISO9000 quality management system certification) and the production process and equipment conform to the relevant provisions of the national development policy, and the products meet the current national standards.

3.4. Performance of the projects (products) tendered by the company in recent three years (corresponding letter of acceptance and contract attached).

3.5. The bidding equipment will not accept the bidding from distributors, and the registered capital of the manufacturer shall not be less than 500000 yuan.

4. Acquisition of bidding documents

4.1. Anyone who intends to participate in the bidding shall obtain the bidding documents before 18:00 p.m. on April 1, 2020. Only electronic files are available.

5. Submission, evaluation and payment of tender documents

5.1. The deadline for submission of tender documents shall be before 18:00 on April 3, 2020, at No. 12, century street, Handan Development Zone, and the price office address (No. 12, century street, Handan City, Zhang Zhenguo, 0310-8068190.).

5.2. The bid documents delivered late or not delivered to the designated place shall not be accepted by the bid inviting party.

5.3. The bidder shall bear all expenses related to the bid, and the bid inviting party shall not bear such expenses under any circumstances.

5.4. Evaluation criteria:

1. Fully and substantially fulfill the requirements of the bidding document, and the bidder has good credit;

2. Meet the requirements of the bidding content, guarantee the quality, guarantee the delivery time and warranty period

3. Quotation and after-sales service, all kinds of preferential conditions are most favorable to the bid inviting party;

4. The relevant services provided are reasonable;

5. The lowest quotation is not a guarantee for the award of the contract.

5.5. The contract payment is 50% in advance and 50% before delivery.

6. Contact information of the bidder

Bid inviting party: Sinochem Hanguang Technology Co., Ltd

Address: No.12, century street, development zone, Handan City

Postcode: 056000

Contact person: Li Meng (technical consulting) Zhang Zhenguo (bidding consultation)

Tel: 0310-8068172 / 8170 / 8190

Sinochem Hanguang Technology Co., Ltd

March 30, 2020