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Tender notice on upgrading and transforming manipulator of 8 × 10 production line
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Notice on tender for upgrading and upgrading manipulator of SINOTRUK Hanguang Technology Co., Ltd

1、 Project Name: 8 ා upgrade and transform manipulator

2、 Bidding place: No.12, century street, Handan Development Zone

3、 Project Profile:

Our company will invite public bidding for the design and production of 8 ා upgraded manipulator

1. Contact technical director: Mr. Han.

2. Bid security: 3000 yuan (3000 yuan only).

Name of account to which the tender bond is remitted: Sinohydro Hanguang Technology Co., Ltd

Bank of deposit: Handan branch of Bank of Communications

Account number: 1340 8066 0018 0100 30245

Bank No.: 301127000019

Purpose: tender bond

If the bidder fails to win the bid, the bid security shall be returned to the payment account within five working days; if the bidder wins the bid, the bid security and advance payment shall be remitted to the account designated in the contract together with the advance payment after signing the contract.

4、 Bidder's requirements:

It must be an independent legal person with the ability to design, process and manufacture manipulator equipment with good reputation; have sound rules and regulations, and carry out relevant work according to the requirements.

5、 Instructions to bidders:

1. The bidding documents compiled by the bidder must meet the requirements of relevant laws and regulations.

2. Must comply with our technical requirements, see drawings and technical agreement for details.

3. If you have any questions, please communicate with us in time. The bidder shall be responsible for the unsuccessful bid due to the understanding deviation.

4. The tender shall include:

Company profile

Letter of tender

Remittance certificate of tender security

List of tender offer (including production and transportation cycle, price includes 13% VAT and freight)

Certificate of legal representative (copies of ID card of legal representative must be attached)

Power of attorney of legal person (copies of both sides of the client's ID card must be attached)

Copy of the company's business license and other valid certificates (including qualification certificate with official seal)

Technical parameters of bidding products

Relevant performance of the company within three years

After sales service commitment.

5. We will make a comprehensive evaluation based on quotation, production and logistics cycle, warranty period and other factors.

6. Packaging requirements:

The bidding documents must be sealed with document bags and sealed with official seal.

The name of the bidding project, the name of the bidder and the date of encapsulation shall be marked on the front of the sealed document bag.

The name of the project, the name of the bidder, the contact person and contact information shall be indicated on the envelope of the bid.

By express mail, the name of the bidder (or abbreviation) and the name of the bidding project (or "manipulator") shall be written on the conspicuous position outside the express package.

7. Contract payment method:

Pay 30% in advance, 30% before delivery, 35% after acceptance, and the remaining 5% is quality deposit. If there is no quality problem within one year, it should be paid off one year after acceptance.

6、 Submission and opening of tender documents

1. The deadline for the submission of tender documents (i.e. the deadline for submission of bids, subject to the time when they are sent to our company) is April 9, 2020;

Address: Sinochem Hanguang Technology Co., Ltd., No. 12, Shiji street, development zone, Handan City, Hebei Province

Attention: Mr. Zhang, 0310-8068251

2. The bid inviting party shall not accept the bid documents that have been delivered overdue or not delivered to the designated place.

3. The bid opening date is April 10, 2020 in the conference room of Building 1 of the company.

7、 Contact information:

Bid inviting party: Sinochem Hanguang Technology Co., Ltd

Address: No.12, century street, development zone, Handan City

Contact person (tender submission): Mr. Zhang, 0310-8068251

Technical director (technical consultation): Mr. Han, 18630017870

Sinochem Hanguang Technology Co., Ltd