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Bidding notice on waterproof maintenance of the company's workshop in 2020
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Sinochem Hanguang Technology Co., Ltd

Tender notice for waterproofing maintenance of factory buildings in 2020

1、 Project Name:

Waterproof maintenance of workshop in 2020

2、 Place of tender:

12 century street, Handan development zone.

3、 Project Profile:

1. 1. The steel structure of the workshop is laid with color steel plate, including the top plate and side plate.

2. The roof of No.3 workshop, No.3 Power Plant distribution room and R & D building is laid with waterproof.

3. The roof waterproof maintenance of drum foundation steel structure workshop.

See the workshop maintenance instructions for details.

Maintenance requirements: in the first year after maintenance, the whole plant is required to be free from rain leakage, and the warranty for drum foundation steel structure workshop is three years, and that for other workshops is 5 years.

4. The bidder shall pay a bid security of 10000 yuan.

5. The bid security shall be deposited into the corporate remittance account:

Account Name: Sinochem Hanguang Technology Co., Ltd

Bank of deposit: Handan branch of Bank of Communications

Account number: 1340 8066 0018 0100 30245

Bank No.: 301127000019

6. If the bidder fails to win the bid, the bid security shall be returned to the payment account within ten working days; if the bidder wins the bid, the bid security shall be returned to the original account number within ten working days after the acceptance.

4、 Bidder's requirements:

It must be an independent legal person with relevant qualification of waterproof maintenance or laying, and has good reputation; it has sound rules and regulations, and carries out relevant work according to the requirements in a practical and reliable manner.

5、 Instructions to bidders:

1. The bidding documents compiled by the bidder must meet the requirements of relevant laws and regulations.

2. Samples shall be carried in the tender documents, and the brand, certificate and price of the samples shall be indicated.

3. The tender document shall quote separately for the workshop, and indicate the labor cost, material cost, etc.

4. The bidder shall specify the construction period.
5. The bidder needs to check the site. If you have any questions, please communicate with us in time. The bidder shall be responsible for the unsuccessful bid due to the understanding deviation.
6. The bid shall include business license (with official seal), copy of corporate identity card (with official seal), production cycle of products, receipt of bid bond, quotation (including tax and freight), price details, construction scheme, company profile, construction case, material sample, bidding commitment letter (see Annex), after-sales service commitment and relevant qualification certificates of the company.
7. The tender must be sealed with official seal on the sealing part, and the contact person and contact information shall be indicated.
8. Other matters not covered shall be implemented according to relevant national standards.

6、 Payment method

After signing the contract, 30% of the project payment will be paid; after all materials are mobilized, 25% will be paid; after the construction is completed and accepted, 40% will be paid; after the expiration of the warranty period (5 years), the remaining 5% will be paid. (except for the first payment, VAT invoice of corresponding amount (13% VAT invoice) shall be issued before payment.)

7、 Submission of tender documents

1. The deadline for submission of tender documents (the deadline for tender submission, the same below) is 18:00 on April 20, 2020.

2. Place of tender: Price Control Office of Sinotrans Hanguang Technology Co., Ltd.

3. The bid inviting party shall not accept the bid documents that have been delivered overdue or not delivered to the designated place.

8、 Contact information:

Bid inviting party: Sinochem Hanguang Technology Co., Ltd

Address: No.12, century street, Handan

Contact person: Director Zhang / Gong Zhang

Contact information: 13230068283 (bidding consultation)

0310-8068172 (technical consultation)

Sinochem Hanguang Technology Co., Ltd