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Announcement on bidding for enterprise publicity video of CSMC Hanguang Technology Co., Ltd
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Sinochem Hanguang Technology Co., Ltd

Bidding announcement of enterprise publicity film

1. Project overview and bidding content

1.1 project name: Enterprise publicity video of sinoship Hanguang Technology Co., Ltd.

1.2 completion time: within 20 days.

2. Bidding method

Public bidding is adopted.

3. Qualification of the bidder

3.1 the enterprise legal person who must be an independent legal person and has been registered and approved by the industrial and commercial administration department, and the general taxpayer registered and approved by the tax registration department shall have sound rules and regulations and carry out relevant work in a practical and reliable manner according to the requirements;

3.2 the bidder has good financial status in recent one year.

3.3 the registered capital shall not be less than 10 million yuan.

3.4 the bidder must have successful cases of making propaganda films for state-owned enterprises or large enterprises.

3.5 the bidder shall have experience in the production of publicity films for IPO enterprises.

3.6 the bidder's team with CCTV working experience is preferred.

4. Project requirements

4.1 the theme is distinct, which can well reflect the corporate culture of CSIC Hanguang Technology Co., Ltd., and has obvious enterprise characteristics, clear guidance and main characteristics of the company.

4.2 the main line is clear, the content is novel, the narration is coherent, the transition is smooth and natural, and can arouse strong resonance.

4.3 the theme is distinct, the main line is clear, and the content is rich, which can give people a deep impression.

4.4 the picture is beautiful, fluent, atmospheric, and skillful in shooting techniques, which can well reflect the characteristics of the company.

4.5 the video and audio effects are excellent. The minimum standard of video is 1080p HD format, and the audio is high fidelity stereo.

5. Instructions to bidders

5.1 the tender prepared by the bidder must comply with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations.

5.2 it must comply with our requirements for the company's promotional film.

5.3 the tender shall include:

Company profile and project team members

Letter of tender

Price proposal (including quotation)

The script of the company's promotional film

Certificate of legal representative (copies of ID card of legal representative must be attached)

Power of attorney of legal person (copies of both sides of the client's ID card must be attached)

Copy of the company's business license and other valid certificates (including qualification certificate with official seal)

Relevant performance of the company in recent years

5.4 packaging requirements:

The bidding documents must be sealed with document bags and sealed with official seal.

The name of the bidding project, the name of the bidder and the date of encapsulation shall be marked on the front of the sealed document bag.

The name of the project, the name of the bidder, the contact person and contact information shall be indicated on the envelope of the bid.

By express mail, the name of the bidder (or abbreviation) and the name of the bidding project (or "company's propaganda film") shall be written in an eye-catching position outside the express package.

5.5 the settlement method of the project shall be carried out in strict accordance with the contract performance.

5.6 the bidder shall bear all expenses related to the bid, and the bid inviting party shall not bear such expenses under any circumstances.

6. Submission of tender documents

6.1 the deadline for submission of tender documents shall be 18:00 on April 6, 2020, and the tender documents shall be submitted to the price office of China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. The deadline is the deadline for bidding, which shall be subject to the time when it is sent to our company.

6.2 the bid documents delivered late or not delivered to the designated place shall not be accepted by the bid inviting party.

7. Address and contact information of the bidder

Bid inviting party: Sinochem Hanguang Technology Co., Ltd

Address: No.12, century street, development zone, Handan City

Postcode: 056200

Contact person: Ms. Zhang (project consulting) Mr. Zhang (bidding consultation)

Tel: 0310-8068190 / 8068251

Sinochem Hanguang Technology Co., Ltd

April 2, 2020